Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Imaging

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Research and Development, and Contracts

  • Current Research includes:
    • Development of spectral-feature-based expert systems and software: The Spectral Expert
    • Hyperspectral Mineral Mapping
    • Mapping near-shore marine environments using hyperspectral data
    • Evaluation of spectral/spatial scaling effects on hyperspectral mapping
    • Multispectral/Hyperspectral modeling
  • Other Research Interests Include:
    • Development of HSI time-series analysis methods, algorithms, and visualization software
    • Use of multimode remote sensing to characterize a variety of Earth surface features and processes

    Past government and commercial contracts completed by Dr. Fred A. Kruse  include:

    • NASA ASTER Science Team Member (combined multispectral/hyperspectral analysis)
    • Advanced spatial/spectra data analysis (JPL)
    • Urban and Mineralogical HSI studies (USGS)
    • EO-1 Hyperion Validation Team (NASA)
    • Hyperspectral Material Identification (SITAC)
    • HyMap Data Collection (AIG/HyVista)
    • MASTER Data-Only Award (NASA)
    • Multimode data fusion (Eastman Kodak)
    • Hyperspectral Product Development (SITAC)
    • Battlespace Characterization (US Government)
    • Automated Hyperspectral Data Analysis (US Army TEC)
    • SIR-C/X-SAR Science Team - Data Fusion (NASA/JPL)
    • Expert Systems Approach to Hyperspectral Data (NASA)

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