Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Imaging

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Applications: Software Prototyping

  • Horizon GeoImaging, LLC has developed software for analysis of reflectance and emissivity spectra, spectral libraries, and hyperspectral data. The Spectral Expert provide users with approaches for characterization of spectral variability, the capability to extract spectral features and build rules for analysis, and to apply an expert system methodology to determination of specific materials present in field, airborne, and spaceborne spectral data.

Expert System Concept for Hyperspectral Data Analysis

Spectral Expert (R) ENVI Implementation

From Kruse and Lefkoff, 1999 (Citation - Manuscript), and unpublished data



  • Horizon GeoImaging, LLC uses the Interactive Data Language (IDL) and the Environment for Visualizing Images (ENVI) for rapid prototyping of advanced remote sensing capabilities.  Dr. Fred A. Kruse is one of the original developers of the ENVI software system (now an Exelis commercial product)

IDL and ENVI are registered trademarks of Exelis Visual Information Solutions Boulder, Colorado

Spectral Expert is a Registered Trademark of Horizon GeoImaging, LLC

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