Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Imaging

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Applications: Military and Intelligence

  • Horizon GeoImaging, LLC Principal, Dr. Fred A. Kruse has been involved in the military and intelligence community since 1976. Dr. Kruse served on both active and reserve status in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and continues involvement in DOD remote sensing programs.

Trafficability Example

AVIRIS Mineral Map - Red=Kaolinite, Magenta=Other Clays, Yellow=Mixed Clays, Maroon=Carbonates, Green=Vegetation Slope Map derived from USGS DEM - Green=Observe, Yellow=Caution, Orange=Mod-Extreme Caution, Red=No Go Combined Map Overlain on SPOT Panchromatic Data - Red or Yellow = Clays, Red=Slopes >1, Yellow=Slopes<1

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From Kruse, 2000a (Citation - Manuscript)

(Updated 07/09/2013 )

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