Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Imaging

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Advanced Remote Sensing

  • Hyperspectral Data Processing and Analysis

    • Hyperspectral data are analyzed using a standardized approach based on partial spectral unmixing.  VNIR/SWIR HSI data are converted to apparent reflectance using an atmospheric model.  MWIR and LWIR HSI data are converted to emissivity using temperature-emissivity separation algorithms.  Atmospherically corrected data are spectrally and spatially reduced to a limited number of spectral endmembers generated internally from the HSI data, and image maps of endmember locations and abundances are produced.  Alternatively, library endmembers are used to perform mapping of known materials.  Results can be provided in GIS-ready form.


    AVIRIS Mineral Map

    AVIRIS  Endmembers

    Hyperion Mineral Map

    From Kruse, Boardman, and Huntington, 2003 (Citation - Manuscript), and unpublished data.


    • Other services offered include custom reflectance/emissivity correction of HSI data, image georectification and mosaicking and production of softcopy and hardcopy image maps at specified scales and map projections.


    • Examples of data types supported include AVIRIS, HyMap, Hyperion, Sebass and HIRIS.  Other HSI data types can be accommodated on request.

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