Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Imaging

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Advanced Remote Sensing

  • Data Fusion, GIS and Mapping

    • Diverse datasets are analyzed using both digital and visual interpretation methods, geographically referenced, and combined at common pixel-sizes.  Results can be provided in GIS-ready form.



    • Other services offered include generation of GIS data from remote sensing datasets, image-to-map and/or image-to-vector registration, and production of softcopy and hardcopy image maps with or without vector overlays at specified scales and map projections.


    • Previous projects have included fusion of VNIR/SWIR/LWIR/SAR datasets and both vector and raster GIS data.

HSI-Fused AVIRIS and JPL AIRSAR (L-Band used as intensity) Polarimetric SAR False Color-Composite Image, San Francisco, CA.  This image appeared as the cover of PE&RS, November, 1999.

Fused AVIRIS and JPL Polarimeteric SAR Classification Image, San Francisco, CA. Classification performed using n-dimensional analysis of information derived from HSI AVIRIS data and C-VV and L-VV AIRSAR data.

Full-Size Image

Full-Size Image

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