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Dr. Fred A. Kruse
Principal Scientist and Managing Partner

Dr. Fred A. Kruse (Ph. D. 1987, Colorado School of Mines, Geology) is Horizon GeoImaging, LLC's Principal Scientist and Managing Partner. He has over 30 years experience in the practical application of remote sensing technology. Kruse served with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (1976-1981); the U.S. Geologic Survey (1982-1987); and as a Research Associate, Research Professor, and Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of Earth from Space (CSES), University of Colorado, Boulder (1987-1995). Dr. Kruse has been Principal Investigator on numerous government- and commercial-funded research contracts and grants and is recognized internationally as an innovator in advanced remote sensing data analysis. He was on the Shuttle Imaging Radar -C (SIR-C) Science Team from 1988 - 1998. From 1995 - 2003, Dr. Kruse continued research with NASA, the U.S. Army, and private industry as Senior Scientist, Analytical Imaging and Geophysics LLC (AIG) where he was a member of NASA's EO-1 Hyperion Science Validation Team.  Kruse has extensive experience with Panchromatic, Multispectral Imagery (MSI), and Hyperspectral Imagery (HSI) systems as well as advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) remote sensing. He has developed approaches and methodologies for combined analysis of these diverse remote sensing datasets. Dr. Kruse is also one of the scientists that originally developed the image analysis software, "ENVI". In 2002 he founded Horizon GeoImaging, LLC specifically to increase practical application of cutting-edge geologic remote sensing research and to extend these capabilities to other disciplines and applications.  Dr. Kruse's research as a member of the NASA ASTER Science Team used integration and spectral-spatial scaling of HSI data to improve MSI mineral mapping.  He has also developed improved analysis and visualization techniques for HSI data using knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to identify and map a variety of Earth-surface materials. Most recently Dr. Kruse worked as a Research Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, where he developed and taught classes in the physics of remote sensing; hyperspectral theory and analysis; and multifrequency, polarimetric, and interferometric SAR processing. Kruse: Selected Publications.

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